The details in Wilson Raj Perumal's book titled Kelong Kings are graphic.

It names the "who's who" in the local match-fixing fraternity.

Among other things, he describes how he first came to know of alleged kelong kingpin Dan Tan Seet Eng, who is being held without trial by the Singapore authorities after a crackdown last September.

Wilson Raj also reveals how he approaches players.

In 2008, after playing Singapore in a 2010 World Cup qualifier, the Lebanese national team were waiting for their flight at Changi Airport.

Wilson Raj writes: "I strolled in and approached two or three of the players; their English was very poor so I kept it simple.

"'I'm a football agent,' I said as I extracted my name card from my pocket. 'What's your name? You want to come and play in Singapore? Give me your number and I'll ring you up'.

"I saved the telephone numbers and e-mail of a few of the Lebanese players for future reference.

"I knew that Singapore was going to play the return leg in Beirut and I was ready to convince the Lebanese boys to do business."