Quan's past court cases

DEC 2011

Quan Yifeng was given a 15-month probation for committing mischief.

In June 2010, Quan quarrelled with a taxi driver, pulled out the taxi fare meter and spilt water on the receipt printer. Quan claimed the cabbysaid her daughterdoes not have a father.

Quan had divorced in 2009 from former actor Peter Yu.

SEPT 1996

Quan was fined $1,000 for fighting with a bowling alley attendant on May 22.

The fight erupted when the attendant scolded Quan's brother for leaving two of his shoes at the shoe rental counter instead of one.

Quan hurt her lower lip, while her friend had a scratch behind his ear and a bruise on his cheek.

OCT 1996

Quan drove a friend's car without a licence and insurance coverage on May 27. She knocked into a doctor's car along Tanglin Road.

She was fined $1,300 and was banned from driving for a year. She was sacked by the then Television Corporation of Singapore on Sept 23.