1 Madam Lesley Jenkins is cleared by doctors for a cruise aboard the Diamond Princess with her husband. During the cruise, she falls ill from cancer-related complications. Doctors aboard the ship treat her for four days but decide she will not make the next port-of-call without more medical assistance.

2 The cruise ship is in international waters but within Singapore's search and rescue region. The ship contacts Singapore Rescue Co-ordination Centre. The duty crew at Sembawang Air Base is activated at 2.17am on March 6. In 10 minutes, a six-man crew is airborne in a helicopter.

3 The rescue crew establishes contact with the ship about 20 nautical miles away. Since the ship has no helipad, the pilot has to hover the Super Puma about 24mabove the deck.

4 A medical officer is winched down to the ship to assess Madam Jenkins' condition. He decides she needs to be hospitalised. She is secured to a stretcher and winched up to the helicopter. She is taken to the Singapore General Hospital.