Two weeks ago, Mr Fai Marwan called himself "fgirl14" and prowled social networking website Alamak Chat.

Over the course of a few days, he said he was approached by nine different men, all in their 20s.

At first, the men asked Mr Fai for his e-mail address on the pretext of adding him as a friend on Skype.

He claimed these men became bolder on Skype and made lewd proposals during a chat.

Mr Fai, who called TNP hotline to share his experience, claimed: "During our chats, I asked these men what they wanted and the answer was always the same - sex."

"It didn't even matter to them when I said I was 14.

"One even said he always wanted to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. That, to me, is wrong."

Mr Fai said he tried to steer the topic away from sex during the Skype chats, which normally lasted less than an hour.

But the men, he said, were persistent.

Disgusted by these online predators, Mr Fai published screen grabs from his alleged chats with them on his Facebook page on April 14.

The posts, which are available only to Mr Fai's 1,963 friends, allegedly showed many chat logs between himself and the men.

The men allegedly asked for sexual acts shortly after chatting with him on Skype.

Some of the screen grabs even revealed names and pictures of the men involved.

In the private Facebook post, which he shared with his friends, Mr Fai displayed 81 pictures compiled from his "sting operation".

The collection included suggestive pictures as well as the men's profile pictures and contact details.

"After they sent me those pictures, they would ask for a web chat. But instead of seeing a girl, they would see me," he said.

"When they saw my face, they disconnected the chat and blocked me from their Skype friends list. I suppose they are embarrassed."

The post went viral and was re-posted on news commentary site The Real Singapore.

Mr Fai was quoted as saying on the website: "It is an embarrassing and a very disgusting act trying to have sexual intercourse with a minor.

"I will not stop publishing (pictures of) new predators. I hope with this method, we all can help spread awareness and prevent a certain crime from even happening (sic)".

While he said that no one has threatened him because of his posts, one of the men he encountered was his own friend on Facebook.

"He had the same nickname on Skype as he did on Facebook, so I tagged him when I made my April 14 post," he said.

But the man later sent him a message to say his Facebook account "was hacked".

He also removed himself from Mr Fai's friends list.