Tips to help you survive the Challenge


1. Drive smoothly, as sudden braking and side-slips shorten the life of tyres.

2. Check the tread depths of your tyres. Worn-out tyres with a tread depths less than 4mm can cause braking to be less effective on wet roads.

3. Do not inflate or deflate tyres when they are hot from driving.

4. Avoid potholes and sharp objects if possible.

5. Drivers going off-road can choose tyres suitable for both on-road and off-road conditions, such as Yokohama Geolandar A/T (all-terrain) tyres (above).

6. Maintain optimal air pressure, which varies with each car. Information on the recommended air pressure for your car is usually found on a sticker attached near the door of the driver's seat. Low air pressure can cause excessive bending and stretching of the tyres.


1. Load up on carbohydrates a few days before the event to provide energy for the muscles and brain.

2.Before, during and after the event, keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and isotonic drinks like H-TWO-O or Iso Energy.

3. Sleep well the night before to prime your body for the physical challenge.

4. Eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, dairy products, meats and whey protein supplements to help with muscle recovery after the event.

5. Drinking a cup of coffee before the event may reduce fatigue and increase alertness. You can also boost your stamina with drinks like Beet It Beetroot Stamina Shot.

6. Start jogging to improve cardiovascular fitness, which can increase endurance.


1. Get your subjects to interact with the surroundings. It makes for a more fun and interesting shot.

2. Refrain from shooting at midday, because there will be harsh shadows from strong light. Shooting earlier or later in the day will give a softer type of light and will complement skin tones well.

3. Shoot without worrying about getting dirty, especially if you have a tough and sporty camera, such as the Canon PowerShot D30.

4. Have at least two backups of all your images.

5. Get your subject to look away from the camera instead of smiling directly into it. For instance, have your subject focus on an object beyond your shoulder. This makes for a more intriguing picture, as viewers will wonder what the subject is gazing at.

6. Be ready. Great picture moments can happen at any time. Make sure your camera is always close by.