US rappers in war of words


US rapper Meek Mill has found a new victim, apart from Canadian rap star Drake, to throw shade at - fellow US rapper 50 Cent.

Mill (above) fired some shots at 50 Cent (below) in his new song Gave 'Em Hope, dissing him about his existing beef with rapper Rick Ross.


Mill, 28, and 50 Cent, 40, have since exchanged bitter and childish words and even memes on their Instagram accounts.

Superimposing Mill's face on a poop emoji in a post, 50 Cent wrote: "Your career is over already, you better focus on getting Nikki (referring to Mill's rapper girlfriend Nicki Minaj) pregnant so you can at least get child support."

Mill hit back, accusing him of, among other things, being "miserable" with no friends.