Our top picks for the role

The New Paper picks out three local actors who could portray Mr Lee Kuan Yew in the movie 1965

1 Lim Yu Beng, 48

Many may remember this theatre veteran for his role as Sergeant Alan Leong in Channel 5 police drama Triple Nine in the 1990s. Since then, he has showcased his versatility in different roles in both local theatre and Hollywood movies. Lim's tough and cool appearance makes him an interesting choice for the role of Mr Lee.

2 Zheng Geping, 50

This hunkie has come into his own since making his acting debut on the small screen in 1987. The hardworking actor, who was in the Top 10 Most Popular Actors list at the annual Star Awards from 2009 to 2013, can be a convincing Mr Lee with his many years of acting experience. 

3 Lim Kay Tong, 60

Veteran actor Lim Kay Tong has worked on productions ranging from theatrical plays to BBC television series over the decades. He exudes a placid and stoic demeanour, making him a suitable choice for the role. It helps that he bears a slight resemblance to the younger Mr Lee.