Pair had violent history

When cross-examined by defence lawyer Jayakumar Naidu yesterday, Miss Ummul Qurratu 'Ain Abdul Rahman admitted to hitting Giselle Shi Jia Wei three times during their relationship.


When the couple went to a bar in the Arab Street area, it happened to be Miss Ummul's birthday.

An ex-girlfriend went over to wish her "Happy Birthday". Miss Ummul said Shi got jealous and went to talk to her own ex-girlfriend.

When Miss Ummul approached them, Shi gave her the cold shoulder.

Miss Ummul was upset and left the bar. Shi ran after her to ask her to stay by pulling her arm.

Agitated, she slapped Shi.


They were arguing in Shi's bedroom when the confrontation turned violent and Miss Ummul hit her.


On July 14, 2012, the pair went to Mink, a club at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

While giving her friend a hug, Miss Ummul spilled some of her drink on Shi's shoes.

Shi left in a huff to clean herself. Miss Ummul went after her and followed her into a toilet cubicle.

Inside, Shi became hysterical and stripped, throwing her clothes and accessories on the floor.

She told Miss Ummul: "What's the point of dressing up for you when all you want to do is spend time with your friends?"

She also tried to hit Miss Ummul, who managed to duck the blow.

While trying to calm Shi down, Miss Ummul hit her a few times.

During the commotion, she said someone threw an ice bucket into the cubicle, hitting Shi on the head.

A club bouncer and hostess then escorted the pair out of the club.