Parents are their kids' first teachers

Principal of Genius Young Minds, Ms Nur Hidayah Ismail, 29, saw an increase in participants attending the course, from just 20 parents four years ago to more than 100 this year.

She said: "Parents are their children's first educators. Many parents want to guide their children, but they are unable to do so.

"The children are happy to be supported by their parents as well and are proud when their parents are able to help them with their maths."

Another tuition centre, Mindchamps, conducts an Exam Strategies Workshop for parents whose children attend their PSLE Success workshop.

Although figures were not given, Mindchamps said it has seen a growing trend of parents attending this workshop over the past five years.

More than 12,000 parents have attended the Exams Strategies workshop so far. It is a three-hour session held in the evenings.


A Mindchamps spokesman said: "The parents are given an overview of what the child learns in the programme and given insight into the techniques and strategies involved.

"By attending the workshop, the parents will understand better what their child is learning and how to provide the support and nurturing environment for the child at home."

Another tutor, Mr John Yeo, 35, who runs Learning Out Of The Box, a maths tuition centre, has written two assessment books targeted at parents. He also holds workshops for parents.

He said: "We're targeting parents because we realise they are using assessment books to guide their kids, but these assessment books came with solutions that are meant only for students.

"Parents find it hard to understand the problem-sum steps and when they teach their kids, it is not that effective."

Mr Yeo added that parents often share the same frustration as their children towards mathematics.

"They also want something which is easy for them to read and understand. They don't have much time because most are working parents," he said.