Part of our DNA to seek our own way

Mr Lee Hsien Yang, 57, said he taught his children how to answer questions on the links to their grandfather.

"I have taught my children never to mention or flaunt their relationship to their grandfather, that they needed to make their way in the world only on their own merits and industry," said Mr Lee, who has three children.

"I have suggested to them that when asked whether they might be related to Lee Kuan Yew, perhaps a good gambit was to say truthfully, that their surname is spelt 'Li', not 'Lee' and that 'Li' is one of the most common Chinese surnames, without actually responding directly to the question.

"This suggested response was not meant to mislead and obfuscate, rather it was born out of a desire to be recognised for who we are as individuals and not for who we are related to," said Mr Lee, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew's younger son.

"We are immensely proud of Papa and his achievements, and yet perhaps it is part of our DNA to seek our own way in life. I am sure that Papa would not have wanted it any other way," he said.