Former property agent Wong Pui Kwan, 28, was jailed for a year on April 22 for abusing her domestic worker, Ms Rinonos Analyn Almoite.

Besides deducting money from her salary for mistakes she made, Wong also splashed her with cooking oil, caned her, cut hair off from the top of her head, threw a chair at her and outraged her modesty by pulling her shorts and panties down to her feet.

In all, Ms Rinonos and another maid, Ms Su Su Han from Myanmar, received only $60 in allowance since they started work.


Rafidah Rahmat, 34, pleaded guilty to 16 charges for failure to pay salaries amounting to $2,944 to her maid and to a charge of failure to maintain a proper salary record.

She was fined a total of $7,000 (in default five weeks' jail) for five charges that were proceeded on.

The maid has since received the salary owed to her.