Past neighbour disputes


Footage of an elderly woman being beaten up by her neighbour outside their flat in Chai Chee went viral.

A security camera was installed in the lift lobby by the elderly woman's relatives after she had been approached and provoked by the neighbour several times before.

The woman received more than 50 blows during the 20-minute clash.


Two neighbours fought over the ownership of a drain outside their semi-detached homes in Paya Lebar.

One neighbour wanted to cover the open drain and extend the fencing. The other claimed that she had gone ahead with construction with PUB's permission, but without his permission.

Unhappy, he engaged a lawyer to contest the decision and spent about $50,000. The outcome is unknown.

MAY 2010

A scuffle took place between two neighbours at Changi Gardens Condominium. The relationship between the two parties had soured when one complained that the other's joss stick smoke had entered his home.


The dispute between seven neighbours at Everitt Road lasted 16 years, from 1993 to 2009, and was said to have been triggered by a row over parking space. It was a case where several neighbours were angry with one particular family.

The families approached their Member of Parliament but mediation efforts failed to resolve the conflict.

The saga ended in 2009 after members of the family in question were fined.