APRIL 2014

A motorist who pushed a motorcyclist off his bike was jailed for a day on Aug 6 and fined $3,000.

Australian Nathan Adrian Tallack, 39, pleaded guilty to pushing Lee Yao Rong Muhammad Saifuddin Ilyan Lee and disturbing public peace by fighting with him on April 1.

JULY 2013

A technical manager was jailed two weeks for hurting a cabby.

Briton Christopher Gordon Sang, 43, was in his sports car when he came across taxi driver Liu San Chuang, 65.

The incident happened on July 19 last year at Dahlia Park condominium in Changi.

The cabby had wound down the window and used his right hand to signal for Sang to overtake him.

Instead, Sang got out of his car, walked towards the taxi, opened the passenger door behind the driver's seat and pushed Mr Liu's head forward while mumbling some words.

JUNE 2013

A catering executive who hurt a motorist was sentenced to eight weeks in jail.

Fizul Asrul Efandi, 28, was found guilty of punching Mr Leow Ching Khuan, 28, in the mouth and pushing him in the chest at the junction of Lentor Avenue and Yishun Avenue 1 at about 2.30am on June 30 last year.