Patients die due to selfish drivers

A spokesman for Seas recalled two incidents where patients died because of inconsiderate drivers in mid-2013.

In the first, which happened in Woodlands, a 42-year-old woman who had a weak pulse called for an ambulance.

"When she was taken to the ambulance, our driver could not move out as a car had parked right in front of it and its driver was gone," said the spokesman.

"The ambulance driver called back frustrated because there was nothing she could do as (the woman) lay dying behind her. She collapsed, and we administered the defibrillator twice, but we couldn't save her."

In the other incident which happened at a running event, a 32-year-old man died after the ambulance was blocked on all sides by parked cars.

The spokesman said: "We were already on standby at the event. When the runner suffered cardiac arrest, we quickly attended to him.

"But when we took him back to the ambulance, we couldn't get him inside because cars were parked on all sides."

The man died despite the paramedics' attempts to save him.

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The number of summonses issued for failure to give way to emergency vehicles in 2013, up from seven in 2012.