Phone scam victims this year have lost over $1.6m

Between January and April this year, the police received more than 300 reports of various phone scams involving at least $1.6 million.

Recently, the police noted the re-emergence of a type of impersonation scam in which scammers claim to be court officials or police officers and say that the victim is involved in a court or police case.

Victims of this scam are asked to disclose personal details such as bank account numbers.

Scammers usually direct victims to transfer money to designated bank accounts to "absolve themselves" of involvement in the police or court case.

Conmen sometimes also spoof their phone numbers - changing what shows on caller ID - to reflect government phone numbers such as the police hotline.

The police would like to remind the public that government agencies will not ask the public to disclose personal details or make any transfer of funds over the phone.