Picking the winner

Every Friday, each week's submitted photos, which could range in number from 40 to over 300, are reviewed and up to 10 would be shortlisted as finalists.

The finalists must not only best fit the contest themes but also need to adhere to contest rules. For instance, only photos taken in the current or past year of the contest would be considered.

To ensure diversity, each participant can only win up to four times each season, which is why we generally shortlist only one photo from each of them, even though multiple submissions are allowed.

The Big Picture contest does not accept photos that have won elsewhere. As it is impossible to check all submissions, the contest operates on an honour system and previous winners found to have won other contests have been disqualified.

The winner is selected from the shortlist of photographs by a rotating panel of three judges. The photos are viewed without names attached.

Each judge ranks his or her own top three pictures. The picture with the most points - three points for top place and one for third place - is the winner.

The winner is notified and interviewed about his or her entry for a report in The New Paper every Tuesday.

“The themes give budding photographers a chance to focus their shooting. It’s a form of discipline that they wouldn’t usually get elsewhere.”

— Judge Bryan Van Der Beek

“I’ve seen different aspects of things happening in Singapore through The Big Picture... What I like about the contest is the heartlanders’ point of view... being portrayed in images.”

— Contestant Tay Kim Suan

“Through this contest, I feel the bond with fellow photographers involved in the quest to record the activities of Singapore through our lens. It also gives me the opportunity to visit and explore more areas in Singapore, and to better appreciate the place we call home.”

— Contestant Chan Wai Meng