PM Lee to make full recovery

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's operation to remove his prostate gland went smoothly yesterday and he is expected to recover fully, said Singapore General Hospital urologist, Professor Christopher Cheng, who performed the surgery.

PM Lee, who turned 63 last week, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January. It was discovered after a magnetic resonance imaging scan on his prostate showed suspicious lesions.

A subsequent biopsy found that one out of 38 samples collected contained cancer cells.

The PM opted for robot-assisted keyhole surgery, as advised by a panel of doctors led by Prof Cheng.

In a statement from the Prime Minister's Office, Prof Cheng also confirmed that there is no link between PM Lee's current prostate cancer and his bout of lymphoma in 1992.

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that involves cells of the immune system.

Then 40 and still deputy PM, he underwent chemotherapy for three months and his cancer has since gone into remission.