Member of Parliament Lim Biow Chuan, who is the president of the Consumers Association of Singapore, has filed a parliamentary question to ask if errant retailers at Sim Lim Square should be dealt with appropriate police action.

Referring to the recent cases at Mobile Air, he told The New Paper last night: "For such cheating cases, the police should investigate further and where there is sufficient evidence, charge the culprit. This will send a strong message to the other like-minded retailers that they have to conduct their business in an honest manner."

Mr Lim added that the consumer alert notices put up at Sim Lim Square have been effective in bringing down the number of complaints, from 108 in 2012, to 87 in 2013.

But he added that the management has limited powers.

"They are also concerned that their actions should not be construed to be defamatory of the retailers concerned," he said.