Police: Verify with friend first

The police advise the public to be extra careful in dealings over mobile messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or Line.

1. Never accede to a request to make purchases or assist in a transaction before checking on its authenticity, especially if it sounds suspicious or unusual.

2. Alert the account holder by contacting him directly when you receive messages of such nature.

This will enable you to check if he had indeed sent the messages.

3. Alternatively, questions with answers known only to both parties such as the "name of the school attended together" or "details of mutual friends or family members" can be posed to verify and confirm the identity of the sender

Users of mobile messaging platforms should also protect their personal information by doing the following:

1. Use strong individualised passwords of more than eight characters that contain numerical figures or capital letters, and change your passwords regularly.

2. Do not disclose your profile identification (ID) details publicly.

3. Install anti-virus software on your mobile devices