Poll: 9 in 10 will help

Ms Bridget Tan's two children are professionals and she bought a house in Batam.

Yet, there is now an appeal to raise money for her.

Is this appropriate?

A straw poll of 10 Singaporeans showed that nine respondents said they would contribute to Ms Tan's expenses, while one said her family should foot her bill.

A primary school teacher, who only wanted to be known as Madam Siti, said Ms Tan has made a lot of valuable contributions to society.

Said the mother of two, who is in her 30s: "I'm sure she has her reasons why an organisation like Ray of Hope is helping her.

"She needs our help now. She has helped so many people. I think it is now our turn to help her, regardless of the circumstances."

Mr Kevin Ang, 24, who works in retail, agreed.

He said: "I read a few years ago that she received an award in the US for her work with foreign workers. As a fellow Singaporean, I'm proud she received it. Bridget needs help now, that's the most important thing. She has done so much to help others."

Housewife Serene Yeo, 42, however, felt it is the duty of Ms Tan's children to take care of her.

She said: "They are professionals and I'm sure they are doing pretty well.

"It is their duty, not others', to take care of their own mum."