Preparing inmates for post-prison

The Hope Café, a training kitchen and restaurant for prisoners, equips offenders with skills in food-and-beverage operations and culinary arts, and places them in relevant jobs after their release. It is a joint initiative between the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, Singapore Prison Service and Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (Score).

Located in the heart of the prison complex, it started operating last November and has trained 154 offenders since. Of these, 109 have secured jobs and the rest will attend placement exercises nearer to their release dates.

All inmates in the programme will be given jobs when released, said Score's chief executive officer Mr Stanley Tang.

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower Dr Amy Khor, who attended Hope Café's opening ceremony yesterday, said: "Each year, about 9,000 offenders are released from prison and many of them face difficulty reintegrating into society. Helping offenders prepare for, find and keep their jobs, is therefore critical for their reintegration journey."