The owner of one of the largest vice syndicates busted in Singapore was jailed for 35 months for 43 vice-related charges.

He was also fined $98,000 for seven manpower offences.

Ang Boon Seng and his Filipino wife recruited 55 women from the Philippines to work in a chain of nine pubs to provide sexual services to patrons.

In the four years that he ran the syndicate, he made $1.08 million in profits, with 40 per cent of that money coming from providing sexual services in his pubs.


Tang Boon Thiew, who was behind a high-profile online vice ring, was convicted of 20 vice-related charges, and was sentenced to 58 months' jail and fined $90,000.

The 39-year-old recruited 19 escorts, 17 of whom provided sexual services over a span of about two years. One was a 17-year-old who provided paid sex to 51 men.

Tang lost his appeal against his sentence in the High Court in June 2013.