MARCH 2014

Indonesian maid Yulianti was physically abused by her employers for eight months in 2012 and she lost 20kg, weighing just 44kg by the time she escaped their flat.

Her employers - married couple Nuraini Hassan and Muhamad Al-Hafiz Nordin, both 30 - pleaded guilty to a total of nine charges of voluntarily causing hurt to her.


Mr Tan Yu Jin and his wife, Madam Evelyn Phoon Wei Ling, allegedly abused their Filipino maid, Ms Gina Astrologio Vilog, in 2012.

Madam Phoon was accused of hitting the Filipino on the head and hands with a wooden cane in January and February and kicking the maid in the chest and knocking her on the head with a cordless phone on Feb 4, 2012.

That same day, Mr Tan, 36, was said to have hit the maid's head with a cane at their flat in Edgedale Plains.

The couple paid 32-year-old Ms Vilog $5,000 in composition - the practice of paying compensation instead of receiving a punishment.


Employer Noryanti Abdul Rahim, 40, was jailed for three months on Aug 31 on two counts of maid abuse.

On Aug 8, 2012, she poked her Indonesian maid, Ms Tardem, all over her head and slapped her on both sides of the face.

She also hit her head and shoulder area before dragging her by her T-shirt towards the toilet.


Chan Huey Fern was sentenced to 21 months' jail on Aug 7 after inflicting severe injuries on 25-year-old Indonesian Juwarti by punching and kicking her on several occasions in December 2010.

In mid-December, she punched Ms Juwarti in the eye after being unhappy with the way her maid took care of her two children, who were then aged one and three.

She also pushed Ms Juwarti's head against the toilet door frame and kicked her in the groin area, causing pain described by the maid as "unimaginable".