Seven members of a family were injured when a portable gas stove exploded during a steamboat dinner in their Teban Gardens flat.

They were celebrating Chap Goh Mei on Feb 18 when the tube connecting the gas canister to the cooker caught fire and exploded.

The blast could be heard from three blocks away, resulting in nearby residents gathering at the block. One family member said: "It was as if a cannon had been fired from our home and everyone was curious."

Four of the injured were warded in the Burns Unit of Singapore General Hospital.


A man was hosting a shabu shabu, or Japanese steamboat, dinner at his friend's Bayshore Park apartment on July 1 when the portable gas burner blew up.

He had bought the cooker a week earlier at a department store.

There was a loud bang, which one guest thought was the sound of something falling from the table. Some 10 guests suffered cuts and bruises but no one was seriously injured.