Profile of a predator

  • He sees his victim as an "investment", slowly building trust, showering her with gifts and concern.

He wants to create a sense of loyalty and the victim feels beholden to him and their relationship.

  • The sexual groomer is always on the prowl for a victim. He selects a target based on his criteria.

He will always go for victims of a certain height, age, looks and image to fit a sexual fantasy.

It is a character he is building. That is why he grooms the victim to fit a certain profile.

  • He will test boundaries and how far she is willing to go. If the victim is willing, he will keep her. If the victim is not, such as if she fights back, he will move on to the next one. The groomer usually has a pool of children to choose from.
  • Many sexual groomers get away scot-free.

Often, the victims and their families do not want to file a complaint and press charges against the predator. Many victims feel that they are unable to go through the ordeal of the legal process.

Also, parents do not want more pain to be inflicted on their child and will settle for their child's recovery without prosecuting.

  • Victims are often too fearful to get out of the relationship.

Most eventually know that they are being abused and in an unhealthy relationship, but feel that they would be betraying their partners if they leave.