Prosecution: Kong has final say

You were the one with the ultimate authority.

That was the prosecution's assertion when cross-examining City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee yesterday.

Previously, Kong had maintained that the final approval and decisions on the financing of the Crossover Project were made by the CHC board or Xtron directors.

He had claimed that he was merely focusing on the missionary aspect of the CHC's Crossover Project and the budgeting for his wife Sun Ho's American album.

But yesterday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Christopher Ong sought to prove that Kong did not check with the CHC management board or Xtron directors before making decisions.


For example, sometime around 2002, Kong said he had signed a contract for Ho with recording company Decca.

He claimed he had the unofficial and informal support of the board then.

But when asked by Mr Ong whether he had written authorisation from the board, Kong said no.

Mr Ong also pointed out that the contract had to be ratified at a board meeting on a later date.

Said Kong: "I do not deny, because there is no documentation. But I disagree that I didn't have their approval for it, because I shared it openly in their presence. Nobody opposed to that."

Mr Ong presented e-mails showing that former CHC finance manager Serina Wee (photo), who also provided accounting services to Xtron, had sent Kong documents on Xtron's finances.

He asked Kong: "Why is she keeping you so closely updated about the details of Xtron's transactions?"

Kong explained that the spreadsheet encompassed the finances of the US Crossover Project - the only aspect he focused on.

While Kong had claimed he always ran every major decision by them, Mr Ong pointed to the absence of the need to consult the Xtron directors and CHC board in various e-mails.

Said Mr Ong: "It is clear that you were the one with the ultimate authority when it came to ensuring that the Crossover Project was being financed and could be financed by Xtron."

Kong said he disagreed.