PSLE no longer 'serving purpose'?

Scrap the PSLE because it is an exam that has passed its time, said Mr Seah Kian Peng (MP, Marine Parade GRC).

In his speech yesterday, Mr Seah questioned the purpose of the Primary 6 year-end exam.

"Let me ask those of you who are employers - do you hire students based on their PSLE scores? No.

"Do parents need the PSLE scores to be proud of their children? No," he said.

Mr Seah is not the first politician to suggest the PSLE be abolished. Two years ago, People's Action Party member Hri Kumar and Workers' Party member Yee Jenn Jong had also made similar calls.

Mr Seah said the PSLE was a "bureaucratic function of sorting students into schools" but noted that it was unnecessary because 97 per cent of students pass and move on to secondary schools.

Nominated MP Eugene Tan called for a relook of Singapore's system of meritocracy as it may be geared towards a privileged few.

An ex-student of Raffles Institution (RI), he said most of his peers came from humble backgrounds but it might not be the case today.

He said: "It does not seem to attract as many neighbourhood schools' and Malay students as it ought to. Has its ethos changed such that RI has become forbidding in this regard?"