Qi Yuwu and Deanna Yusof to play lead roles in 1965

Neither of the two leads in 1965, announced at the press conference yesterday, are Singapore-born and bred.

Malaysian actress Deanna Yusoff, 47, will play a woman who has a mundane life until something shocking happens to her and she is forced to make a tough decision.

CO-STARS: Qi Yu Wu (left) and Deanna Yusoff. PHOTO: MM2ENTERTAINMENT

China-born actor Qi Yu Wu, 37, stars as a policeman who comes from China to work in Singapore.

Qi, who has been in Singapore for 15 years and is a permanent resident, said: "I am not worried about the fact that I was not born here. I am more concerned about whether I can play the role well and move the audience.

"I have been here for many years, and I feel a lot towards this country. I think I will get criticised if I don't act well."


Agreeing, Deanna said: "People will always find something to talk about no matter what. Most importantly, it's about our similarities to the roles and how we can relate to it."

The pair will be acting together for the first time.

Deanna, who just met Qi on Monday night, had a good impression of him.

"He's very cool and he suits the role physically," she said.

"I was warned that he can be very shy and he is really quite shy."

Qi, who was busy filming in Beijing, flew back to Singapore just for the press conference.

He said: "Deanna is very sincere and direct. She has appeared in big-budget films and is an experienced actress. I look forward to seeing what can come out of our pairing.

"As for our on-screen chemistry, you can't force it. If it happens, it happens."

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