Re-enactment of murder at crime scene

The two suspects in the legless body murder case - Rasheed Muhammad, 43, and Ramzan Rizwan, 25 - were taken to various locations in Little India to re-enact the crime yesterday morning.

For an hour each, they were separately ferried around in a white unmarked van, which was closely followed by police vehicles.

The suspects led the police to different locations to piece together the events that led to them allegedly killing their roommate. And through it all, both men remained bound at the wrists and legs.

First, they were escorted to the lodging house at 6B, Rowell Road.

Head bowed, the bearded Rasheed was first to reach the crime scene. He was taken to Syed Alwi Road, where the legless body of Mr Muhammad Noor, 59, was found in a blood-stained suitcase.

For five minutes, the suspect stayed in the van at a hardware shop on Veerasamy Road, where a handsaw allegedly used to cut up the body is believed to have been bought.

Ramzan was taken to a Muslim cemetery at Jalan Kubor - where the legs of their victim was found last Thursday - after visiting the lodging house.

The suspects spoke to officers through a translator.

At Rowell Road, a small crowd of shop owners and customers taken out mobile phones to record both suspects being led around by officers.