I am appalled at the behaviour of Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and their supporters who marched right into a charity event where special needs children, disabled children and the elderly were present.

And for those who might be wondering, I also find it questionable to heckle a minister during a charity event where he is guest of honour.

But let's get one thing right - Roy and company did not heckle the children. This is quite clear from the videos that have emerged online.

Mr Andrew Loh, The Online Citizen

The chosen name of "Singapore's Speakers' Corner" suggests to most of us that it is a place where people assemble and congregate to give speeches rather than for social or entertainment purposes.

Of course, YMCA has done nothing wrong when it held its YMCA Proms @ the Park on Saturday, Sept 27, but why fight over a tiny turf with other smaller participants?

YMCA is a big and well-established organisation and therefore can well afford to hold its activities in a commercial building.

Netizen Joseph Chan

You can blame the park, blame the Government, blame anything and anyone, but what we've all witnessed today is utter disrespect and lack of civility from the CPF protesters.

You may have a valid point or two in your cause, but if you're going to act exactly the same way as you do online - shouting, bitching, cursing and being little spoilt kids, don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

Is this truly what you call being Singaporean? Be adults. Be civilised.

Netizen Audi Khalid