REALLY? Odd news that's for real

Man strips naked in front of White House

It was some bare-faced cheek. A man was arrested by US Secret Service police on Friday for stripping naked outside the White House fence.

Michel Bechard had approached uniformed Secret Service officers at a White House security checkpoint around 3pm and then "proceeded to get fully undressed," a spokesman said.

Bechard was able to get completely naked before officers decided to subdue him.

Three officers held him face down on the ground, before covering him and sending him to hospital for minor injuries suffered in the tussle.

The exact nature of the injuries was not described but a struggle face down on concrete would likely bring abrasions.

A reporter for the Daily Caller website, who was entering the White House through the same checkpoint, said Bechard had told officers he had an appointment with President Barack Obama before presenting his identification.

The ID was rejected at which point Bechard began undressing while insisting on keeping his appointment. - Reuters.

Woman fakes bomb threats to hide secret from family

A woman in Connecticut, US, was arrested last Sunday for calling in two bomb threats.

Her reason for the bogus calls? To prevent her family from finding out that she had dropped out of university.

Danielle Shea, 22, made the threats after arriving at the Quinnipiac University graduation ceremony with her mother. She was dressed in a cap and gown, but "panicked" when it was noticed her name was not on the list of graduates, police said.

Shea then snuck off to make the bomb threats hoping the ceremony would be cancelled. It was relocated to another campus 1.6km away.

Police said a female caller contacted school security twice. The first message was simply, "Bomb in the library." Her second message some 20 minutes later was, "Several bombs are on campus."

An estimated 5,000 people were evacuated while police searched the campus library.

Not surprisingly, no explosive devices were found, and police found Shea by tracing a phone number.

Shea was charged with threatening in the first degree and falsely reporting an incident. She was detained on a US$20,000 (S$25,000) bond and is scheduled to appear in court at the end of the month.
 - Reuters.