SEPT 18, 2014

The personal data of 12 M1 customers were accessed by one of its customers, who alerted the telecommunications company upon discovering it. The customer had found a vulnerability on M1's website that took pre-orders for the new Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

SEPT 16, 2014

Details of more than 317,000 customers of karaoke chain K Box Singapore were posted online by a group of hackers calling themselves "The Knowns". Personal data such as NRIC numbers, home addresses, mobile numbers and birthdates were leaked.

NOV 7, 2013

Pages on two websites of the Istana and the Prime Minister's Office were compromised by IT consultant Delson Moo Hiang Kng and ITE student Melvin Teo Boon Wei. They exploited a vulnerability in the Google Search bar embedded on the websites' subpage. Moo was fined $8,000 and Teo was given a year's probation.

OCT 28, 2013

The websites of the Ang Mo Kio Town Council, The Straits Times Blog, Seletar Airport and singer Sun Ho, among others, were hacked and their contents modified by a person who called himself "The Messiah". James Raj Arokiasamy was arrested in Malaysia last November and faces 158 charges of computer misuse.