Every Chinese New Year, Pei Xing Ying's family meets up with various other families with children suffering from the same rare disorder.

On Saturday, her family hosted two other families for dinner at their home.

They had also attended other gatherings with the other families during the Chinese New Year period.

There are more than 20 parents in the informal support group, but not every family attends these meet-ups due to differing schedules.

Most of the group got to know each other through the school their children attend, Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, which offers special programmes for children with developmental issues and other forms of disabilities.

Xing Ying's mother, Madam Chang Pei Shih, said they try to make it a point to go for these gatherings as they feel that they are important for the families and for the affected children as well.

"These meet-ups are important because it also gives our other children opportunities to play with one another," she said.

"Of course, we meet up to provide support for each other as well," she added.

"If I run into any problems, I can consult the group as well," said Madam Chang.

"And the best part is, the equipment needed to take care of our children can be shared as well, as it is all very expensive."