Restaurant says prices clearly stated

Forum Seafood Village Restaurant's business consultant Thomas Tham said it was a case of miscommunication.

He said that the prices of all the food items are stated clearly in both the English and Chinese menus.

He also claimed that employees have been instructed to walk every customer through the menu before taking an order.

He said the restaurant will reiterate these guidelines to all staff to ensure such a case will not happen again.

The deputy manager of the Boat Quay outlet that Mr Santiago Caaway and his family patronised added that she is certain her employees had gone through the menu with the family before sending the order in as it is a procedure for all orders.

The restaurant, which has two outlets, has been criticised by tourists for overcharging.

Other than media reports, tourists have been posting their grievances on TripAdvisor, a travel website providing tourists a place to review and share their travel experiences.

Complaints date back to 2011.


Of the 136 reviews, several criticised the restaurant's overpriced menu and poor service.

User Sarah84269 from France said that when she confronted the manager about her bill, he rebutted by losing his temper and raising his voice.

Another user, 830MarkS from Spain, remarked that the employees were incomprehensible and that he would have got more satisfaction from handing out money to passers-by on the street than going to the restaurant.

User Mark H from Germany had even gone to the extent of calling the police to mediate, after which he claimed the restaurant cut his bill by almost $800 to S$1,500.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said it has received a small number of complaints against restaurants along Boat Quay.

STB spokesman John Conceicao said: "STB takes a serious view on errant retailers who besmirch the reputation of Singapore as a premier tourist destination.

"In cases where consumers require monetary redress, STB works closely with Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) to ensure the complaints are properly addressed."

Mr Conceicao said visitors who find themselves in such situations may report the incident to STB.

"Retail complaints that require monetary redress are routed to Case for resolution," he said.