Sharp rise in krav maga student numbers

More are signing up for self-defence classes and enrolment rates at schools have been growing in the last five years.

Krav Maga Academy opened in 2006 with between five and 10 students. It now sees an average of 20 to 25 students each night.

Krav Maga Culture, meanwhile, had only one or two students a class in 2012. Its class size now averages 20.

Another self-defence school, Kapap Academy Singapore, offers a curriculum that combines moves from ju-jitsu, catch wrestling, taekwon-do and krav maga.

Ms Qin Yunquan, 24, chief instructor of women and youth at Kapap Academy, said interest has spiked from 50 to 60 students in its first year to more than 3,000 now.

"We offer an integrated curriculum which is very popular with ladies. Over 90 per cent of our students are women."

She added: "Our students are taught never to go strength for strength with aggressors but to rely on techniques instead."

Other martial arts which do not cater specifically to self-defence are also seeing more takers.

Mr Darren de Silva, 41, head trainer of Fight G MMA Academy, which provides courses in muay thai, ju-jitsu and MMA, has seen a 40 per cent increase in adult membership.