She believes father was robbed, assaulted

In a Facebook post before yesterday's Coroner's Inquiry, Ms Fion Lim wrote that her father was the victim of a violent robbery and appealed for eyewitnesses to help find the killer.

"To the robber who assaulted my dad and caused his death, I really don't understand how you can beat up a 60-year-old man so severely and live the rest of your life," she wrote.

And she advised others to be careful: "It will be good if you can educate your old folks not to wear valuables when they are out alone."

She posted that her father's injuries triggered a heart attack and a stroke. He also contracted pneumonia before he died. Her advice to others who have been robbed: "Go (to) hospital and call police immediately after being attacked because it's easy to underestimate the injuries."

In court yesterday, Ms Lim said a witness gave her testimony after seeing the post. The witness also gave a statement that she saw Mr Lim wearing the Rolex watch last year.