She kept me from falling over the edge

PROTECTOR: Mr Kua Cheng Hock and his seeing-eye dog Kendra taking the MRT. - ST FILE PIC

Like all guide dogs, Kendra was taught intelligent disobedience to help prevent accidents, at the guide-dog training school in California.

"During her training, they used to take Kendra to the Bay Area Rapid Transit, where there were platforms. She was taught to stop before the edge and use her body to stop the handler from moving forward," Mr Kua Cheng Hock said.

Several times, the labrador remembered her training when the pair travelled by MRT.

"Before there were safety barriers, Kendra would use her body to block me from advancing towards the end of the platform at the stations," Mr Kua recalled.

"Then there was the time when we were walking along the jetty at Marine Parade. We came to the edge and once again she used her body to indicate we were at the edge before turning and walking back."

Kendra was also very wary of car exhaust.

"Walking along parked cars, whenever she smelled exhaust coming from the back of the car, she would not advance, worried that the car would move without the driver having seen us," Mr Kua said.

"She would dig her heels into the ground. It happened several times."