'She is like our second mother'

To the boys in dance group Plus Point, Ms Milah is a leader, a mentor and their second mother.

Her stern expression and loud voice may make her seem unapproachable.

But Prakash Rajamanickam, 20, one of the newer dancers in the group, said Ms Milah, better known as Mel among her dancers, has a softer side to her.

Said the SIM University student: "When you look at her, she is fierce. But if you are really close to her, you will find out how soft-hearted she is.

"She tears easily about small things. We can't take it when she cries."

Ms Milah even extended her one-room flat as a shelter for dancers who are plagued with family problems, Mr Prakash said.


Ms Milah sees them like her own children and often shares what she has gone through to remind the boys not to follow in her footsteps, he added.

Mr Vincent Krishnasamy, 18, who has graduated from Northlight School and is applying to study at the Institute of Technical Education, said he became more sensible after joining Plus Point.

"Mel tried to talk me out of stealing and fighting and explained why they are wrong. She also told me not to worry my parents.

He is staying in Ms Milah's one-room flat because of his family issues.

So far, she has not scolded him as he is "the only one who can clean the house very well".

"She treats me like a son. I won't give her any trouble," he said.