She seldom spoke about her problems

Those who knew Madam Rosaline Lim remember her as a pious woman who frequently helped out with cooking and washing duties in church.

The 75-year-old, known to be a private person who seldom spoke about her problems, was found dead in her flat yesterday.

The news shocked church friends and neighbours, many of whom painted a picture of her as a slight woman who kept a low profile.

She is believed to have been working at a clinic, but was better known as an active parishioner at the Catholic Church of Christ the King in Ang Mo Kio.

The day before her death, Madam Lim had returned to her home of 30 years after mass in the evening.

She was with close friend and fellow churchgoer Madam Agnes Ho, 79.

"I've known her for more than 10 years from church. She never complained about anything. She was very humble. I could see that she had some troubles after her mother passed away (about 10 years ago)," Madam Ho said.

Madam Lim had told Madam Ho and another churchgoer that she would prepare braised pork buns for them the next day.

The churchgoer, who declined to be named, said: "She was always in the background. She does the work that others don't want to do."

Yesterday, Madam Ho heard from a friend about a death in Madam Lim's block. When she heard which unit it was in, Madam Ho suspected it could be her friend.

She was visibly shaken when she found out about Madam Lim's death.

Madam Lim had hosted to her Neighbourhood Christian Community (NCC), opening up her flat to church members for a rosary devotion service, Madam Ho said.

A leader in her NCC, accountant Danny Sagaram, 74, had attended the service at her home. He has known Madam Lim for over 30 years.

Mr Sagaram, who last saw her on May 31, said: "We met her several times in May for prayers at our churchgoers' houses as well as hers.

"When we called her, she would always join in our activities and we would go together as a group. I'm just shocked that she's gone."

He said that Madam Lim's granddaughter, whom they know as Germaine (inset, in blue), would sometimes attend the prayers.

Her daughter, Madam Andrea Tay, did not join them for services and the NCC hardly spoke to her, he added.

Neighbours said Madam Lim and Madam Tay were friendly, often greeting them at the corridors or lift lobby.

- Ng Jun Sen