She wants to protect family and others

Officers at Certis Cisco come from all walks of life and some have unusual reasons for joining.

Miss Ng Xin Yi (above) was robbed when she was 14.

"I was on the way to church in Kuala Lumpur when three men on motorcycles surrounded me.

"They followed me from behind and robbed me when I was alone.

"I was so scared and helpless at the time," said the 21-year-old Malaysian.

She is now a trainee at the Certis Cisco Academy, and will soon be an auxiliary officer. She is trained in unarmed combat, combat with a baton, and firearms, among other skills taught at the academy.

"I wanted to fend for myself and protect my family and other people," Miss Ng said. "Being a Cisco officer enables me to do that."

Previously, she used to do events jobs but said it was unfulfilling.

She then decided to join Cisco.

"I have become stronger and I have learnt how to deal with such situations," she said, referring to the time she was robbed.