She was not jaywalking, says lawyer

She was about 100m away from an overhead bridge and even farther from a pedestrian crossing when she was hit by a bus.

Was Mrs Payal Shah jaywalking?

No, said criminal lawyer Foo Cheow Ming, who added that a pedestrian is considered to be jaywalking only when he is within 50m of a pedestrian crossing or overhead bridge and fails to use it to cross a road.

"Given that she (Mrs Shah) was 100m away from a designated crossing, she would not be considered a jaywalker," he said.

The Singapore Road Safety Council vice-chairman, Mr Gopinath Menon, however, said that pedestrians should always use pedestrian crossings or overhead bridges.

"The roads are a very hostile environment and that is why there are pedestrian crossings," he said.

"Even if it means a longer walking distance, pedestrians should use them for their own safety."