Showdown between family, bosses at mortuary

AT THE MORTUARY: Fellow construction workers who knew about Mr Mohan Silamparasan's death, or knew him through his cousins. PHOTO COURTESY OF RAJ MANICKAM

Relatives confronted the supervisor, Mr Samy, and the director of Haru Engineering, Mr Clarence Lee,at the mortuary on June 29.

About 50 construction workers who knew Mr Mohan Silamparasan also turned up, but stayed out of the confrontation, said Mr Mohan's uncle, Mr Raj Manickam, 53.

Mr Lee, 41, said Mr Mohan's family members surrounded him during the incident.

There was a heated discussion over compensation and repatriation expenses, and the police arrived later.

The discussion ended with Mr Lee agreeing to meet Mr Mohan's relatives the next day to help defray costs.

Mr Manickam, an auditor, said Mr Lee had agreed to pay for the funeral expenses, but stopped responding to his calls and messages after that.

"If I had gone down to the funeral parlour to meet them, I would not be able to leave again," Mr Lee said.

Adding that it cost him $4,800 to send Mr Mohan's body back to India, Mr Lee said: "I think I have done my due diligence by paying for the repatriation of his body and wiring a token sum to his brother-in-law."