Similar cases


A woman fell to her death during a Central Narcotics Bureau raid on her friend's eighth-storey flat in Chai Chee in January.

Madam Ng Ah Toh, 45, a newspaper vendor, was found near a rubbish chute at the rear of Block 30, Chai Chee Avenue.

According to the coroner's inquiry, a police officer had reached the fourth storey of the block when he heard a loud noise from the ground.

He then saw several passers-by crowding round Madam Ng, who was lying motionless face up with her buttocks stuck in a manhole.

She died from multiple injuries. Her blood was found to contain amphetamine and methamphetamine, both controlled drugs.


An Indonesian maid fell to her death from the 16th storey of a Jurong West block in March.

The 21-year-old maid died instantly when her head smashed through a metal manhole cover, fracturing her skull.

Her body, clad in pink pyjamas, was found by passers-by at about 5am. Her legs were sticking out of the manhole, with pieces of the metal cover scattered about.

She is believed to have been hanging clothes to dry when she fell out of the open kitchen window of her employers' flat.