About the campaign

On Oct 3, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) launched a campaign to highlight its local community programmes and how these help its beneficiaries.  

The community programmes promoted in the campaign include Community-Led Action for REsilience (C.L.A.R.E.), FoodAid, TransportAid, and Red Cross Home for the Disabled.  

Secretary-general and chief executive officer of SRC, Mr Benjamin William, said: "The Singapore Red Cross is synonymous with disaster management, blood donor recruitment and first aid.

"However, our local community services receive far less attention. As a result, fund raising for these services has been challenging.

"We decided to make a small investment in this marketing campaign to ​generate much-needed support and donations to enable us to sustain our outreach and support to the needy, disabled and vulnerable in Singapore."

Publicised through videos on its YouTube channel and several cable channels, some of the issues highlighted include an ageing population, widening income inequality, and disability in Singapore.  

Each video shows the plight of its beneficiaries and starts with contrasting the country's general affluence and the grim reality faced by some.

Mr William said: "The campaign juxtaposes statistics on Singapore's affluence against the struggles of the needy, disabled, and elderly.

"It highlights the stories of those who have fallen through the cracks.

"We want people to remember that in spite of Singapore's rising affluence, there are still people and families who find it challenging to meet their daily essential needs.

"Although they are a minority, they still need our help."  

To sign up as a volunteer in any of the programmes, call 6664-0500 and ask for the Community Service Department or send an e-mail to