Smile Village, built in September 2015 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, houses 68 families who used to live in slums.

These residents stay for three years before moving out to make way for new families.

They learn jobs such as rug-making, woodcraft, sewing and childcare.

This is to ensure that they are equipped to make it on their own.

In November 2014, Madam Aileen Ong raised $200,000 to build the first 48 houses in consultation with residents.

She pumped in about half a million dollars for the project and believes she can make the money back.

The village also has a bed-and-breakfast package where travellers can immerse themselves in the Cambodian culture.

She said: "We have found ways to earn money to become financially stable, and then we plough back the rest of the profits to continue changing lives."

Madam Ong plans to expand the village to house 100 families next year.