About the stroke


Filipino domestic helper Felicidad Muna Mico, 57, suffered a sudden haemorrhagic stroke on Oct 28.

It was the start of a harrowing period for the woman and the family she had served for 25 years, reported The New Paper on Monday

Madam Dora Sern and her three adult children watched their helper suffer at Changi General Hospital's intensive care unit for about a week.

Madam Mico was told then that she might not be able to talk or move the right side of her body.

Madam Sern shared her helper's plight on a crowd-funding site GiveAsia last Wednesday after she realised the insurance she had bought would not cover Madam Mico's medical bills.

By last weekend, Madam Mico had made enough progress to be moved to a normal ward.

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