Call to slow down escalators being evaluated

In August this year, a Public Transport Council report was released with recommendations to make rides more comfortable and less daunting for everyone, including families, seniors and wheelchair users.

One of the report's key recommendations was the reduction of escalator speeds at train stations to give peace of mind to senior citizens who might be intimidated by fast-moving escalators.

In a report by The Straits Times on Aug 7, SMRT said it had been testing out slower escalator speeds at selected stations since July last year and was evaluating the possibility of reducing the speed of escalators at more MRT stations.


The Land Transport Authority also said that from January to May this year, the number of escalator-related incidents at MRT stations "remained low" at 0.15 incident per one million riders, compared to 0.15 for 2014 and 0.14 for 2015.

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