Kids with Williams syndrome very sociable

The Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that affects many parts of the body.

It is characterised by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays and learning disabilities. These often occur alongside striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music.

The syndrome affects one in 10,000 people worldwide, and occurs equally in both males and females, and in every culture.

Unlike disorders that can make connecting with your child difficult, children with the Williams syndrome tend to be sociable, friendly and endearing.

But there are also major struggles - many babies have life-threatening cardiovascular problems. Children with the syndrome need costly and ongoing medical care and early interventions (such as speech or occupational therapy).

As they grow, they struggle with things like spatial relations, numbers and abstract reasoning, which can make daily tasks a challenge.

As adults, most people with the Williams syndrome need supportive housing to live to their fullest potential. Many contribute to their communities as volunteers or paid employees.

Source: Williams Syndrome Association

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