Netizens outraged by video

Netizens were outraged after viewing footage of the boy being beaten by a group of young people.

Facebook user Bhai Hafiz Angullia posted a video of it on Thursday evening and it has since gone viral.

Many netizens, perceiving this as a case of bullying, felt the authorities should act against the attackers.

One netizen said: "This is terrible! All taking turns to continually assault a young man who doesn't seem to know how to defend himself.

"This matter should be reported to the police and these cowardly bunch should be sent to (a) boys' home!"

Another netizen said: "Please take action... ASAP."

Some felt the attackers were cowards for ganging up against a defenceless boy.

One netizen said: "This shows (what) cowards you idiots are...attacking a poor soul."

Other netizens felt sorry for the victim.

One of them posted on Facebook that she could not watch the video to the end.

"No matter what, no one has the right to lay hand on another. Inhumane! So young and so aggressive."


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