1 Home for Hope, 
Ms Sor Bee's story

Madam Koh has been taking care of her disabled daughter Sor Bee, but worries about maintaining her child's expenses even as she ages. Now, Madam Koh can be assured of Sor Bee's well-being as she resides at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

2 Food for the Soul, 
Ms Suria's story

Ms Suria and her three young children could not afford fresh food from time to time, but she now enjoys nutritious food from FoodAid every day.  

3 Hope on Wheels, 
Mr Noor's story

A high fever left Mr Noor immobile when he was six. He slowly regained the use of his upper body and now moves around his home on a wooden board with wheels. Wheelchair-bound, Mr Noor relies on TransportAid to go for his medical appointments.